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  • Model: LX5S-1412MT-AN
  • Mã SP: LX5S-1412MT-AN
  • Thương hiệu: WECON
  • Bảo hành: 18 Tháng

LX5S 1412MT

Support to modify the frequency and position during pulse execution;
Supports the highest transmission taxa: 921600;
Support 100us high speed timer interrupt;
Supports up to 100 high-speed counter interrupts;
Support E-CAM;
Supports electronic gearing;
Support efficient and stable autotuning of PID and CCPID;
Supports LX 3V series modules;
USB power supply;
LX5V Software;
Execution speed from 0.03us ~ 0.08us.

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Tổng quan
Model LX5S Entrance exit Output Type pulse counter E-CAM pulse output RS485 Card
Module Power supply Ethernet
LX5S-1412MT-A(D/AN/DN) 12/14 Transistor two Yes two two 1 Yes AC DC) Optional
LX5S-1412MR-A(D/AN/DN) 12/14 Relay two Yes two two 1 Yes AC DC) Optional
LX5S-1412MR2H-A(D/AN/DN) 12/14 Relay two Yes two two 1 Yes AC DC) Optional

Section LX5S Series
Execution Mode Round Scan / Interrupt / Event
Programming Instruction List/Ladder Diagram
total instructions Basic instructions: 29 / Application instructions: 170
Execution time Basic instructions: 0.03-0.08us
system storage 512KB
Download/ Monitoring Programming cable (serial) / Micro USB
High speed pulse output Transistor type; 2 channels / 200KHz
High speed counter interrupt 100 channels
External input interrupt X0-X5 supports rising and falling edges
timer interrupt 100 channels, supports 0.1ms interrupt
Single high speed input 2 channels 150KHz;
4 channels 10KHz
High speed input AB phase 1 channel 100K Hz, supports 2 or 4 frequency beats
2 channels 10K Hz, supports 2 or 4 frequency beats
holding addresses software tuned
Storage FLASH
Filter For all input terminals
serial port COM1 RS422/RS485),
COM2 RS485 
Temperature Working temperature: 0 ~ 55℃ / Storage temperature: 0 ~ 70℃
Humidity 35~ 85%RH (No condensation)
shock resistance JIS C0040 standard
Immunity to influence Complies with IEC61000-4-4 and GB/T 17626.4 standards:
Noise voltage amplitude 1KVP-P, pulse width 10us, period 0.3s, edge time 5ns, duration 1min.
USB supply Yes

Power supply
Section AC DC
Power supply AC85~265V 50~60Hz DC24V±10%
Power outage time 10ms 10ms
power fuse 250V 3.15A 250V 3.15A
peak current <15A 5ms / AC 100V; <30A 5ms / AC 200V <15A 1ms / DC 24V
Energy consumption <60W <30W
power output DC24V 700mA <30w (Does not include external power supply for modules)
Section Relay Transistor
output mode -- NPN
input power DC24V DC24V
output circuit   DC5~30V
COM port current -- <0.1mA (DC30V)
Isolation Mechanic optical coupling
Leakage current -- 0.1mA/DC30V
Min.Load -- DC5V 2mA
Max. Burden resistive Point 2A, COM Port 8A   Point 0.5A COM Port 0.8A Point HSPO 0.3A
inductive 80VA 12W/DC24V, HSPO Point 7.2W
General 100W 0.9W/DC24V
Response time <10ms <0.2ms
(Pulse output terminal: <5us)

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